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Club Night - 7th September

An easy way to cruise the Baltic
Mikaela Meik

UTMYC Sonning 1930 for 2000 hrs

A reminder that ROSC begins its Autumn programme on Monday 7 September at UTMYC Sonning. We start the season with a talk from Mikaela Meik of the World Cruising Club about ”An easy way to cruise the Baltic”.

The Baltic is a rich, enchanting cruising ground with many cultures and countries within easy reach. “An Easy Way to Cruise the Baltic” will take a look at some of the places on offer, how to get there (and back) and what to expect from the Baltic Sea.

Mikaela has been sailing since the age of 8 and is a former member of the RYA National Youth Squad. After team racing at University, the choice of boat gradually got larger and in 2011/12 she became first mate on a Warrior 40, sailing an Atlantic Circuit taking part in the ARC and ARC Europe. Mikaela has since clocked up around 15,000 miles, sailing in the UK, across the Bay of Biscay and has spent the last three summers sailing in the Southern Baltic leading the Baltic 4 Nations rally. 

We hope to see you there.

A poster with more details is HERE.