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Littlehampton Rally - 20th & 21st June

20th and 21st June

It is hoped that many of you will be able to join us. As this Rally is on the mainland, we hope to welcome non-boat owners as well.

Details of the Rally are as follows:

Saturday 20th June:
(Low Water Portsmouth: 07.56 BST)

Sail to Littlehampton. (Best arrival time at Littlehampton is HW -2 to HW +1 hour)
18.00 Drinks aboard Skippers' Rhapsody
19.30 Dinner at Arun Yacht Club (if you are intending to attend the rally please let us know as we have to let the yacht club know numbers)

Sunday 21st June:
(High Water Littlehampton: 15.35 BST.  High Water Portsmouth: 15.51 BST)

For those staying in Littlehampton on Sunday and for boat owners awaiting the tide, we could have a game of Crazy Golf and/or a nice healthy walk! Or if anyone has any other ideas, then please let us know.

Monday 22nd June:
(High Water Littlehampton: 03.50 BST. High Water Portsmouth: 04.01 BST)

If you would like to attend this Rally, please contact Bernie by e-mail:

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Bernie and Ed
Skippers' Rhapsody

Note: Weather permitting, Skippers' Rhapsody and Kaprys plan to sail Cross Channel from Littlehampton to Fecamp on Monday, 22nd June.  If any other boats are interested in joining the trip to France, do let us know.