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Club Night - 5th September


We are very fortunate to have Barrie Neilson speaking to us at UTMYC next  week. A man of many talents, author, entrepreneur, raconteur, owner of  Sailing Holidays, the largest privately owned flotilla company in the  UK. He has had a fascinating life, leaving New Zealand, after racing  motorbikes along side Burt Munro whose part was played by Anthony  Hopkins in the film The Fastest Indian, on a ferro cement yacht bound  for Australia. Eventually arriving in the UK in 1975. He joined Sailing  Holidays as an engineer, then lead skipper and took over the company a  few years later.

I have known Barrie for quite some time now, he is an excellent and  amusing public speaker. It will no doubt be an entertaining and  informative evening., So on very personal note please come along to the  next meeting if you can. It would be very embarrassing for me if only a  handful of people turned up.

With my very best wishes
Tim Gilbert