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Newsletter May 2017
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Forthcoming events
Isle of Wight Rally

Venue:   Yarmouth
Date:   May 6th - 7th

 Berths have been reserved on the Harold Hayles pontoon which provide access to both mains power and direct access ashore.
For those arriving by lunchtime on Saturday, a Treasure Hunt will be an option.

On Saturday evening we will be having dinner at the Royal Solent Yacht Club.

Organisers: Bernie Bellchambers and Ed Davies

A Quiz evening at UTMYC

May 8th

Come and pit your wits against our Quizmaster in a sailing quiz


Advance notice of our traditional summer BBQ
held at UTMYC
on the banks of the Thames....

on JUNE 5th

Ensure you get your tickets in advance !

Advance notice of our June Rally in Bembridge Harbour..
Organiser is Ian Farquhar
A chance to get sailing on Polly Agatha
The very last places are available to come sailing on Polly Agatha for the entire 2017 season! We have only two events with spaces on them so now is the time to book and find out why so many people enjoy sailing on Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters!
We have a taster weekend on 27/28th of May which will mean arriving in Cowes (Easy transfer from Southampton mainline station - or park and ride at Southampton Town Quay) on the Friday evening and then spending the weekend sailing and learning about sailing one of these historic vessels. You can do as much or as little as you wish and all sailing abilities are welcome. Price, which includes everything apart from evening meals if you choose to eat ashore is just £200 per head.
We also have limited places on the Round The Island Race 1st of July 2017 so please call if you are interested in this. Have a look at this link to our website….
Kim Hartley     Skipper of Polly Agatha
 Mob: 07795 480254
Boat Phone: 447787308130
 Bowsprit Sailing Ltd
America's Cup news
Sir Ben Ainslie
Sir Ben Ainslie is the most successful Olympic sailor of all time. At his first ever Olympic Games, aged 19, he won an Olympic silver medal and went on to establish himself as the world’s best by winning consecutive gold medals at the next four Olympic Games.
Fresh from his London 2012 success, Ben turned his focus to the next challenge, competing with Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) on the 2012/13 America’s Cup World Series. In the summer of 2013, he went on to join ORACLE TEAM USA on-board for their defence of the 34th Cup, helping the American team win the event, 9-8, against Emirates Team New Zealand.
He was an instrumental part in one of the greatest comebacks sport has ever seen, becoming the first Briton, for 110 years, to be part of a winning Cup team.
Now stepping into a new role, as Land Rover BAR Team Principal, Ben will develop and lead a British entry into the 35th America’s Cup, with the aim of bringing the Cup back to Britain where it all began in 1851.

Its all about the Foils
"For sure we’re seeing a real split in the fleet in terms of the stability that’s inherently designed into the boards. That may well reflect how far advanced those teams are with their control systems. The overall stability is the inherent stability in the board plus the quality of control system – how fast you can get boards to target – plus how good the human interface is for the helmsman.” 
For a 'must watch' short tecci video explaining the foils:

News to amuse

Tall Ships Regatta - Greenwich

The Trans Atlantic Race is part of a summer long series of Races organised by Sail Training International called 'Rendez Vous 2017'  The legs are Greenwich to Torbay, Torbay to Portugal, Portugal to Bermuda, Bermuda to Boston, Boston to Charlottetown.  
Then the fleet splits to explore different parts of East Canada. A big Tall Ship Regatta in Quebec and then there is another Trans Atlantic Race back to Europe in July-August 2017. 
There is also a summer Tall Ships Event in the Baltic, so several of the large tall ships in Europe are hedging their bets and doing the Torbay - Portugal Tall Ships Race only....and returning to take part in the European event later in the year.
Participants so far in the Torbay to Portugal Race are:
CHRISTIAN RADICH - Magnificent fully rigged ship (square sails on 3 masts)  from Norway -
NADEZHDA - Another fully rigged ship (square sails on 3 masts)  from Russia
SANTA MARIA MANUELA - four masted gaff rigged schooner from Portugal
WYLDE SWAN - World's largest topsail schooner and fast competitor from Netherlands
BLUE CLIPPER - three masted gaff schooner from UK
ETOILE - French Naval Schooner and belle of many a tall ships race and festival.
OLIE BRISE - Historic Le Havre pilot cutter that won the first Fastnet Race. Beautiful lines and tan sails. 

Lithium-ion battery inventor creates powerful new battery

Slated to be three times better than standard li-on, this could be the battery of the future
The lithium-ion battery has been heralded, by some, as the most important invention in our society since the transistor. It is, however, slowly reaching the limits of its design and so when one of its co-inventors – 94-year-old John Goodenough – comes up with an alternative, you listen.
The battery, which is still in development, replaces the liquid electrolyte found in lithium-ion batteries with glass. By using glass, the chances of lithium-ion batteries forming metal strands inside the liquid separating layers is eliminated – thus stopping short circuits, battery expansion or explosions. It would also allow for batteries to operate at both hotter and cooler temperatures than current models allow.

Offshore wind turbines are about to become higher than the Eiffel Tower,

Allowing the industry to supply subsidy-free clean power to the grid on a massive scale for the first time.
Manufacturers led by Siemens AG are working to almost double the capacity of the current range of turbines, which already have wing spans that surpass those of the largest jumbo jets. The expectation those machines will be on the market by 2025 was at the heart of contracts won by German and Danish developers last week to supply electricity from offshore wind farms at market prices by 2025.
The machines are able to produce 13 to 15 megawatts each when they’re due to be completed in the middle of the next decade — much bigger than the 8-megawatt machines on the market now

If your engine room looks like this, time to sort it out.
Control room of a German sub UB110 1918
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