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Newsletter March 2018

Commodore's Corner
I usually reckon on completing fitting out and having Osprey back in the water by early March: so it was with this in mind that we booked a week in a cottage near the boat in order to get the antifouling done, polish the hull and fit a couple of new seacocks ready for the coming sailing season. We were of course hoping for the usual sunshine and blue skies of Suffolk - and that is exactly what we got, as you will see from the accompanying pictures!

I did manage to fit a seacock and polish part of one side, but sub-zero temperatures put paid to any painting and the driving snow precluded any more polishing. The country lanes between us  and the boat are only just passable with care with anything less than 4 wheel drive, so for the moment we content ourselves watching the antics of the local hares, kestrels and pheasants in between snowstorms. Still, I’ve known worse occupations and now there is an excuse for another visit to Suffolk once the weather has resumed it’s normal course.

Forth coming events
All guest events at UTMYC are 1930 for 2000

Monday 5th March ......... Sailing Down East

A voyage along the coast of New England from Connecticut to Maine
Damian and Joyce Greene

In June and July 2017, Damian and Joyce Greene sailed their Sabre 38 from Essex, Connecticut to their home port of Bass Harbor, Maine. Their 320 mile route took them via Rhode Island, through the Cape Cod Canal, across Boston Bay, past New Hampshire, and along the rocky coast of Maine.
On the way, they encountered sunshine, fog, fireworks, spectacular scenery, dozens of lighthouses, many thousands of lobster pots, and learned the value of a good insurance policy.
Monday 30th April

My Favourite (Sailing) Website and Smartphone Apps


Do you know the difference between
Phishing and Fishing,
a Firewall and a Fire Blanket
or even ‘a’ cloud and ‘The’ Cloud?

Whether you do or don’t - it doesn’t matter! Come along to hear useful tips and stories from other members on how they use technology to make their sailing lives easier and more fun! Most of us use the internet either at home or when out and about and there is a huge range of sites relevant to sailing – some more useful than others but how do you know which are useful or whether you are missing a trick?
The evening might not make you a technology guru but hopefully you will pick up a couple of useful ‘nuggets’ to make your sailing experiences even better!
Join us to be Educated, Inspired and Entertained!
If you are interested in contributing to the evening either by providing us with a couple of websites or Apps that you find useful or if you would be prepared to stand up and provide a short presentation of how you use technology then please contact any member of the Committee telling us the sites or apps you really like and find useful.  
19:30 for 20:00  at UTMYC, Sonning
Golden Globe news
World sailing rules nearly halted this unique event.

The Golden Globe Race had been planned to start from Plymouth, England, but a two-year search for sponsorship across the UK did not produce a successful outcome and prompted this change of host port to Les Sables d’Olonne, France

Technicalities on the 'race'

The FFV represent World Sailing who regulate all international yacht races. They have the power to stop the GGR if they want. There are not many races that circumnavigate and those that do, use 60 ft yachts or bigger. Category 0 safety rules are basically written for these bigger yachts with crew. To meet the FFV requirements the GGR must meet Cat. 0 regulations.

This simply is NOT POSSIBLE for this unique adventure. As an example, to comply, each GGR yacht (approx. 34ft long) would have to carry two complete diving wet suits, two masks, two sets of fins and two underwater breathing apparatus, 1200ltrs of water, two six-man life rafts and include two complete water tight bulkheads in the main saloon, and more. We have been advised that we cannot modify the Cat 0 rules, so it is all or nothing.

We knew this years ago, so we do NOT use special performance racing rules for sailing, but instead adopt the International maritime rule of the road (Collision REGS) the same as every other mariner on the ocean. On that simple basis, World Sailing concluded in April this year that the GGR is NOT a yacht race and does NOT need to use Cat.0 rules. As organiser however, we have adopted all the important Cat. 0 safety equipment rules and more, that in some ways makes our GGR more stringent than even the Vendee Globe.

When we had our meeting with the FFV a week later they were pleasantly surprised at our Rules and Safety-Security planning. We were all sailors in that room and all respect the original Golden Globe and what it represents. We certainly respect the FFV and what they stand for, just that we are different. It was a good meeting. I think they understood at the end of the day. A few weeks ago the FFV made a decision that as we use Collision Regulations (as did the first Golden Globe) and not Racing Rules on a Race course, we are not a sporting competition, so do not come under their jurisdiction, so will not stop the GGR.

Robin Knox Johnson sunk by bureaucracy

Last year, Sir Robin, 78 finished a three-year refit of the yacht in which he became the first person to circumnavigate the globe single-handed.

As the 50th anniversary of his feat draws near he faces the prospect of having to send his yacht out to America. Suhaili was built in India and is 32’ 5” from bow to stern but to qualify for grants and government protection as a national treasure on the National Register of historic vessels she needs to be 7 inches longer.

Sir Robin set off in Falmouth on June 1968 and returned battered but triumphant to finish after 312 days at sea in the Sunday Times Golden Globe race. He was the only one of eight entrants in the Sunday Times Golden Globe race to finish.
After her restoration Suhaili  was moored at Gosport Marina in Hampshire, previously she had been on display at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and before that at its branch in Falmouth. He said he had to take her back because she was not being properly looked after and her hull was in danger of cracking. He is considering the Independent Seaport Museum in Philadelphia because he says the United States are very good at looking after their old boats and perhaps we not so good.  
Sir Robin was the only one of eight competitors to finish this historic race, Donald Crowhurst  entered the race to save his business with prize money and ended up sailing in circles sending false position reports and is believed to have committed suicide realising his ruse would be discovered. Robin gave his £5000 pounds prize money to Crowhurst’s family

Miscellaneous things
The Committee is always looking for ways of getting members afloat so if you have any ideas of what you would like to do in 2018 involving other members then why don’t you let us know? It may be you already have a wish list but need others to join you to make it happen or perhaps you just fancy sailing in the company of other like minded people either on the same yacht or on a mini flotilla but need some inspiration. Whatever it is - why not share your ideas and see if together we can build a fun event either here in the UK or maybe abroad? For my part I fancy a Greek Flotilla towards the end of the season but whatever it is you fancy why not let me know and see if we can organise something?  

Land Rover BAR, the British America's Cup Challenger and team to bring the Cup home, has donated its first test boat – a foiling AC45 catamaran named 'T1' - to the Classic Boat Museum in Cowes.

The boat is set to be part of a display at the museum’s new building in West Cowes that is due to open in April 2018  “The launch of T1 was a real moment and milestone in the team's campaign and getting her on the water, foiling and reliable was a result of a huge amount of effort from all of the team,” said James Stagg, Land Rover BAR head of operations.

“The Royal Yacht Squadron is the challenging club of Land Rover BAR and Cowes is the home of the America's Cup so for us it is really fitting that she will be on display, for all to enjoy at the new Classic Boat Museum."

T1 was the first of five foiling catamarans to be launched by the team - in October 2014 – and was used as a test boat for training sessions on the Solent, in the build-up to the team's campaign for the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda.

The boat was raced during the America's Cup World Series in 2012-13 and was used to break the Round the Island race record in 2013, before being modified by the team to fly on hydrofoils the following year.

Land Rover BAR is currently working with ELG Carbon Fibre and other partners to recycle or reuse two further test boats.

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