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Reading Offshore Club - Non Boat Owners

The Reading Offshore Sailing Club is very well aware that not all members who enjoy sailing may have a boat at present.

In addition to providing a social programme that includes some interesting and informal presentations on a whole range of topics, we also endeavour to provide opportunities for non-boat owners to get some sailing experience. To this end we have introduced the concept of a non-boat owners’ co-ordinator.

The purpose of this being to:

  • enable those without a boat to liaise with other members who have boats but are short of crew.
  • facilitate the opportunity for non-boat owners getting together and chartering boats (at competitive prices) through discounting arrangements we have arranged with two chartering companies in the UK and another who charters in Greece and Croatia.

Crew Liaison officer: Jack Kennelly

Members who are interested in either crewing with other members or chartering, please add your details to the form available in the
Members Only section