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2018 Training Dates


We intend to run an RYA Day skipper course this autumn with the following dates:

October       20th
November    3rd  and 18th (Sunday)
December    1st  and (15th if needed)

Location is in the Pearson Hall, Pearson Road, Sonning and classes will run from 0900-1700, with breaks included.
Cost will depend on numbers attending but a ball park figure will be around 160 – this will include all materials from RYA, navigation plotting instruments, membership of ROSC and hall/room hire.  This is a bargain price compared with other sea schools but we simply try to break even and don’t want a profit.

If members know of anyone who may be interested please let them know of the course as we are dependent on enough students to cover the cost of the hall.
Inevitably someone (or some two) will be unable to make all the dates and we can cater for this if necessary with some home study and detention extra lessons to make sure all is covered
As most will know Day Skipper is the first step to taking charge of a yacht on passage between familiar ports and is a useful grounding for those who have at least some familiarity with boats.