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Advanced training for more experienced skippers building on the Day Skipper course. This course equips you to navigate safely on coastal and offshore passages.

This course will take your theory knowledge to the standard required for the Yachtmaster™ Coastal and Yachtmaster™ Offshore practical exams, concentrating on advanced navigation and meteorology skills.

The course is taught over 40 hours with three exam papers which is usually covered over 6 days. It is usually covered as a series of full days, spaced out to allow time for homework.  These are timed to suit both students and instructor. 

    Course topics include:

    Position fixing
    Course shaping and plotting
    Tidal knowledge,  calculations for other than spring or neap tidal streams and for secondary ports heights of tide.
    Use of almanacs and admiralty publications
    Electronic position finding equipment
    Taking and interpreting forecasts
    Plotting weather systems
    Weather predictions using a barometer and by observation
    International Regulations for the prevention of Collisions at Sea
    Customs and excise regulations for cruising abroad

The course allows a little time for revision of the basics and then moves on to advanced navigation techniques. 


As these courses are run for the club we are able to keep costs to a minimum. Students will need a Breton plotter or similar and a set of dividers but we can order these for you. Notebooks and 2B grade pencils you provide yourself. At the moment the cost for Day Skipper is 205 (which includes the RYA pack of 2 practice charts, a course handbook, exercises and syllabus a practice almanac and the recently revised electronic chart plotter CD). However, Reading Offshore Sailing Club members only pay 150.

ROSC & Training

This is not a major departure for the club as it came into being over 40 years ago from attendees at similar courses run by Mike Bowyer getting together and sharing their love of sailing.

The big attractions are the significant discount only available to current ROSC members and the way in which the timing of the courses can be arranged to suit each group.

For more information e-mail: training@readingoffshore.org.uk

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